Connecting Wave to Softwave

MacOS Windows 10

Connecting to MacOS

To connect Wave make sure it is turned on.
You turn Wave on by pressing its Middle button.
Also make sure Bluetooth is turned on in your computer.

After you connect Wave, Softwave remembers it and autoconnects to it next time you turn your Wave on.

  1. Press "A Connect Wave" in the top left corner of Softwave.
  2. Select Wave from the list that appears.
  3. Close the window.
  4. Wave should be connected to your computer.
  5. To connect a 2nd Wave to Softwave press "B Connect Wave" and repeat steps 2-4

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  • hi hi,

    I´m struggling with getting the wave ring and the new softwave-version working properly.

    They are connected, but there is no visual feedback within softwave. In my "connect to bluetooth"-menu it shows as "Wave - connected", but when I go back to the main softwave gui, there is no wave ring connected. Although I hear Sounds, when I activate the Drum- or Synthwave, but no visual Feedbacks.

    I´ve installed Softwave v0.10.0, updated the Ring via my Android Smartphne, uninstalled the old KORG MIDI Driver, installed the new loopMIDI Driver, followed your "Wave is connected to my computer, but Softwave does not recognize it."-Troubleshhoting-advice, restarted the computer several times, but nothing is changing.

    Best regards, Marcus

    System: Windows 10 Home, 10.0.19042

  • Hi Marcus,

    I'm sorry you're having troubles connecting Wave to your computer. If you've followed all our troubleshooting advice without success, please file a support ticket ("Contact us" above) and we'll try to resolve the issue.


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