Buttons and Gesture


Wave has three buttons easily reachable by the thumb. Each button is linked to an action based on the selected mode: Video call, Presentation, Music or Custom.

In order to register a command, simply press the button once.


Each button can be customized to your liking in the Wave for Work application.




Wave allows you to adjust your computer's audio by rotating your hand to the desired volume.

In order to adjust the volume, hold the middle button and rotate your hand to the side.


The default setting for the middle button in the Video Call mode is to use the "Push-To-Talk" feature available in both Zoom and Teams. You can either use the "Push-To-Talk" feature or the Volume-Adjustment feature within this mode.



Cycle modes

You can change between the modes: Video Call, Presentation, Music and Custom without opening the Wave for Work application.

In order to cycle modes:

- Hold the upper button on Wave to go to the previous mode.

- Hold the lower button on Wave to go to the next mode.


You can turn this feature off in the settings tab within the Wave for Work application.



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