Softwave v0.10.0 - VST3/AU hosting and Windows 10 stability updates

Softwave is receiving yet another update! The most notable change in this version is improved stability on Windows systems and fixing VST3 and AU plugin hosting.

Download the new version for your platform

Important: Make sure to back up your preset bank before installing the update - just in case (see Saving & Loading).


We know many of you have been waiting patiently for this update. We truly value your patience, so we'll try to keep it short!

Skip ahead for a detailed listing of what's new and what's fixed. Here's the TL;DR version:

  • Stability updates for Windows 10
  • Use loopMIDI's virtual MIDI driver software instead of Korg's
  • Automatically reconnect to previously used devices
  • Bugfix: Resetting standalone preset bank to default did not work properly
  • Bugfix: Key command learning not disabled automatically
  • Bugfix: Scanning for and hosting VST3 and AudioUnit plugins now works properly!
  • Bugfix: Vibrato sensitivity not saved properly in standalone mode editor
  • Settings window can now be opened and closed with keyboard shortcuts
  • Added help entry to menu for quick access to help and support
  • Firmware bugfixes and stability improvements
  • Proper handling of situations where a Bluetooth adapter is not installed

What's new

For this update we've dropped the dependency on Korg's BLE MIDI driver. The driver has proven problematic on many systems, and we recommend uninstalling it completely before installing this update. Softwave now uses virtual MIDI driver software provided by loopMIDI. To use Wave as a MIDI device in your DAW, you need to install loopMIDI - if you haven't already. The software is free, and has proven to be very reliable.

Softwave will now completely manage connections with Wave and other Bluetooth MIDI devices, and expose their MIDI ports to DAWs and other software in your system. This allows for a unified and streamlined connection process on both macOS and Windows 10. Additionally, Softwave will remember which devices have been connected and will automatically reconnect when they become available.

This means that Softwave is now required to be running to maintain a connection with Wave. On macOS, if you must run Wave in standalone mode without Softwave that is still possible to do through Audio Midi Setup (provided in all recent macOS releases).

This new version also comes with a small firmware update, mostly bugfixes and stability updates.

Known issues

If you're having issues after this update, there are a few of things to look out for.

  • Windows 10 only: It's preferable to completely remove the Korg BLE MIDI driver from the system. To do this head through Settings → Apps, search for "Korg BLE MIDI" and click "Uninstall". Verify that the driver is not present in Device Manager → Sound, video and game controllers or Device Manager → Software devices. Restart the computer.
  • Windows 10 only: Wave gets in a strange connect/disconnect loop with the system (lights flashing on/off). This seems to happen if you've previously paired Wave through Windows's system settings. Pairing is not necessary, and removing Wave through the system's Bluetooth settings will fix the issue. You can still connect through Softwave just fine.
  • Windows 10 only: If you're experiencing a slow or jittery connection, that might be due to old or outdated Bluetooth drivers. Make sure you have the latest drivers installed for your system. If the drivers are up to date and you still experience issues, consider using an external USB dongle instead. We've found this dongle to work best in our tests.
  • Wave's movements within Softwave may seem to be mixing together (e.g. tilt controlling vibrato or vice versa). Restarting Softwave (or turning Wave off and back on) will fix the problem. We are trying to figure out what's happening here, and if you experience this bug, please let us know.

If there's anything else you notice, don't hesitate reach out. We love to hear from you!

All the best,
The Genki Team <3




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